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My specializations in clinical psychology include the following areas of focus:



Perinatal Mental Health:


Postpartum Depression, Anxiety, OCD, and PTSD


Identity and role changes, relationship conflict, sleep, and breastfeeding

Modifying negative schemas and core beliefs that interfere with adjustment to parenthood


Exposure therapy for anxiety 

(IPT and Maternal Mental Health certified, Lactation Educator Certified)

Chronic Illness:

Adjustment to Diagnosis

Coping with Treatment

Identity during and after illness

Finding purpose and meaning in your experience

Post-traumatic Growth


Nervous System Regulation:

Increasing your window of tolerance; decreasing reactivity and anxiety

Breath Work and Somatic techniques

Distress tolerance and DBT skills building

Polyvagal techniques


(Clinical Trauma Treatment and Breath Work Training Certified)

My Approach:

I practice trauma-informed care, in which all behavior is thought of as having been adaptive for our survival at some time. This is a non-pathologizing approach. Behaviors are seen as the outcome of our attempt to cope with the experiences we have lived through. However, they may not be adaptive in our lives anymore, and may be worsening our mood or relationships. The trauma-informed care approach prioritizes a strong working alliance as the foundation for change. 


I do not use a one-size-fits-all approach to therapy, but generally focus on how trauma has interfered with your connection to other people and disrupted your nervous system.  We will work on changing the way you feel in your body, the beliefs you hold in your mind, and the actions you take in your day. We will build your personal toolbox for self-regulation. 


I focus on both self-compassion and change. I believe each of us has unique resources for dealing with adversity, and I help clients tap into their own strengths and islands of competence. I hope to help guide clients from trauma toward a new chapter of life, enriched with meaning and purpose. I believe therapy is about more than symptom reduction. 

I am committed to professional development. I maintain a personal practice of keeping up with clinical research, professional consultation, and essential self-care that keeps me replenished for clinical work. This includes spending time with my active family, being close to nature and animals, and dabbling in the creative arts. 

I am also committed to making psychotherapy available to clients of all backgrounds. I offer lower fee psychotherapy whenever necessary.

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