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Women's Perinatal Mental Health: Peripartum Mood and Anxiety Disorders (PMADs)


Postpartum Depression, Anxiety, OCD, and PTSD


Identity and role changes, relationship conflict, emotional aspects of complicated breast-feeding

Modifying negative core beliefs that interfere with adjustment to parenthood


Exposure therapy for anxiety 

Medical Trauma and Chronic Illness :

Psychological Adjustment to Diagnosis

Coping with Treatment

Identity changes during and after illness

Finding purpose and meaning in your experience; clarifying your values

Resilience building, fostering post-traumatic growth 


Trauma and the Nervous System:

Increasing your window of tolerance; decreasing reactivity and anxiety

Breath Work, somatic techniques, and engaging your body

Distress tolerance,  Emotional Regulation and DBT skills building

My Approach:

I bring together Relational and Cognitive Behavioral approaches, such as IPT. ACT. DBT, and Schema Therapy. In my experience, the integration of insight and behavioral change helps clients achieve both symptom relief and a greater sense of purpose and meaning.


I prioritize a deep understanding of each client's personal narrative or life story. This foundation creates a therapeutic holding environment from which safe exploration and motivation for change can develop. This foundation allows us to examine how you navigate relationships and social support, which are essential to mental health. Coping skills, strategies, and tools can then be applied individually.


As a Certified Clinical Trauma Provider (CCTP), I work from a trauma-informed care model.  I conceptualize all behavior as having been learned, and adaptive at some time. This is a non-pathologizing approach that helps clients build self-compassion. I encourage clients to understand how their current behavior reflects old coping strategies. Growth and recovery happen when we recognize that some beliefs, reactions, and behaviors may not be adaptive anymore.  

I work with clients from a dialectical goal of acceptance and change. I focus on both self-compassion and intentional change.  Each of us has unique resources for dealing with adversity. I enjoy helping clients identify their own strengths and islands of competence. I guide clients from trauma toward a new chapter of life, enriched with clear values. 

I maintain a practice of keeping up with clinical research, professional consultation, and advanced training that keeps me informed and replenished.


In my personal time, I enjoy being with my active family, being close to nature and animals, and dabbling in the creative arts. 

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