*****COVID-19 Update: I am utilizing Telehealth 

I am a clinical psychologist specializing in anxiety, depression, and maternal mental health issues.  My approach is integrative but I am most aligned with IPT, an evidence-based treatment for depression and postpartum disorders. This therapy is informed by attachment theory and focuses on targeting relationships, role transitions, and unresolved loss. IPT has been extensively researched and found highly effective for postpartum disorders.


I am also a certified trauma treatment provider and  work with medical, interpersonal, and combat-related trauma. Whether dealing with a single traumatic experience or complex trauma, I use evidence-based trauma therapies and work carefully to make sure this process is healing. I have had the pleasure of co-authoring two qualitative research studies on the process of post-traumatic growth that can follow from adversity. I also offer EMDR and have completed basic training in EMDR therapy through the EMDR Institute.

I believe the therapy relationship is the foundation for change that begins once we feel both understood and challenged. Finding that balance between insight and behavior change is very powerful. I work with clients to gain an understanding of their struggle and then to identify the strategies to function better and create meaning and purpose.